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Navigating the appeals process requires a deep understanding of the law, strategic thinking, and meticulous attention to detail. At McDonald Simon LLP, our team of lawyers is dedicated to providing exceptional appellate representation to our clients.



Why Choose Us for Your Appeal?



In-Depth Knowledge and Experience


Our lawyers bring a wealth of experience in handling complex matters across various areas of law. From corporate to real estate and all forms of civil litigation, we have the expertise to
effectively manage your case.


Strategic Approach


Appeals are not merely a second chance at a trial. They require a unique approach that focuses on identifying legal errors, crafting persuasive arguments, and presenting your case clearly and convincingly. Our team excels in developing strategies that maximize the chances of a favourable outcome. We work with you to give you a better understanding of how the appeals process works and which choices provide us with the greatest chance of success.


Personalized Attention


Every appeal is unique, and we understand the importance of providing personalized attention to each case. We work closely with our clients, keeping them informed at every stage of the appeals process and ensuring their voices are heard.

Comprehensive Legal Support

From the initial assessment of your case to the final arguments in court, we offer comprehensive legal support. Our goal is to guide you through the complexities of the appeals process with confidence and ease.



Our Appeals Process



Case Evaluation


We begin with a thorough evaluation of your case to determine the potential grounds for appeal. This includes reviewing trial records, identifying legal errors, and assessing the likelihood of success.


Research and Analysis


Our team conducts extensive legal research and analysis to build a strong foundation for your appeal. We meticulously review relevant laws, precedents, and legal arguments to ensure your case is compelling and well-supported.

Brief Preparation

We prepare detailed appellate briefs that clearly outline the legal errors and present compelling arguments for why the decision should be reversed or modified. Our briefs are crafted to be persuasive, concise, and impactful.


Oral Arguments


Our lawyers are skilled in presenting oral arguments before appellate courts. We advocate
passionately on your behalf, addressing the court's questions and emphasizing the strengths of your case.


Post-Decision Support

After the court's decision, we provide guidance on the next steps, whether it involves further
appeals or implementing the court's ruling. Our commitment to your case continues until the matter is fully resolved.

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